We specialize in Android devices + LineageOS

Many users are amazed just how fast, responsive and private their devices become after rooting combined with a new LineageOS install. Not only can you literally do anything you want with this truly liberating operating system you can completely free yourself from Google's all-knowing-eye, cut-throat network carriers and evil government spy networks that invade your privacy, track your physical location, read your email and texts, scan your photos, record your voice, fingerprints and biometric data.

I am Root!

Rooting means you have root access to your device—that is, it can run the sudo command and you the user has administrative privileges. Rooting allows you to completely control your device and the information stored upon it - it is often the first step towards a new operating system - to install a new recovery image.

Why should I desire a rooted device?

Rooting is often performed with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put all of their devices (to track, control and monetize you and your data). With sudo (root) permissions bloatware, crapware and spyware can be completely removed. Surveillance and tracking can be disabled. Special programs can be installed such as wifi tethering and hotspots. One is free to completely customize the operating system or install a new version or an entirely different ROM. Rooting often results in a "jail-broken" device; a device that can be used with any wireless carrier or sim provider.

Are there risks to rooting?

Rooting is a mature and safe procedure. The process voids a device's manufacturer warranty. User data can be safely retrieved if properly backed-up prior to rooting with specific applications independent of the device's OS (think cloud services). Further, our process completely wipes the device clean to a zero-day state. "Bricking," both soft and hard have nevered occuried under our watch but there is a small percentage that may occur.

Stop getting PWN'D

Libre, free and open source software is always the solution to corporate and governmental corruption! The Constitution of the United States forbids this type of abuse! And yes, you can finally install that cute icon theme you always wanted too. ☺

Freed Devices:

Some of our root and device conversions have included:

  • Dell Venue 8

  • Samsung Tab 2

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Sprint, Model: N910P, Codename: trltespr, Android 10, Lineage OS (unofficial): 17

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Sprint, Model: N910P, Codename: trltespr, UBPorts

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 on T-mobile

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint: Model: G900PZWASPR (T), Codename: klte, LOS: 14.1 > 16.0

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon (revert to Marshmallow stock)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 International on Ting, Model: SM-T705, Codename: klimtlte, LOS: (Unofficial): 14.1

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Model: SM-P905F0, Codename: viennalte, Android 8.1.0, LOS (Unofficial): 15.1

I want to root now!

Awesome! Give us a call at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS and let us know what type of device you'd like to root. We turn around devices in one business day or if you can't live without your device we do have an expedited service for less than you think.



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