How fast is Your Cloud?

Understanding your Needs: Speed

You need hosting that is representative of your cloud-based solution. Did you know that the typical customer expects your website to finish loading in 3 seconds or less on mobile? That means you need speed, but is cloud hosting from Grip Fast Information Services & Technology fast? Let's just say our cloud's max Mach ratings are still very much classified.

Cloud = Universal Access + Applications

The cloud means you access your data anywhere, any time from any place on any system. We design and build using free and open source software making cross-platform utilization a top priority. Our cloud runs amazingly fast with security, stability and efficiency as top priorities. We offer a wide range of single-click quick deployment packages that include many Linux distributions and hundreds of applications. Want a private cloud only for your org - we do that too! A few of our favorites are:

Project Scope

Each cloud-driven project is unique unto itself. The best solutions are those customized to your specific needs with efficient tools. Cookie-cutter solutions from vendors like GoDaddy or Network Solutions just plain suck; old software on locked-down shared VPSes. Not us, not ever! We have several hosting options available right now perfect for projects large and small that can be hand-crafted to your goals. Just because you serve a niche or local market doesn't mean you can't be running the leanest and meanest software available. Have us manage your servers for you (recommended) or customize it to your liking (hello fellow command-line gurus).

Review the Options

We offer many hosting solutions up to 16GB memory on 8 vCPU's with 160GB storage and 6T transfer. If you aren't sure what level you need, feel free to contact us; we'd love to help get you situated in the perfect set-up. Here are our basic packages for the fledgling start-up:


per month
  • 4 GB memory
  • 2 virtual processors
  • 80 GB SSD
  • 4 TB of transfer
  • Snapshots available


per month
  • 8 GB memory
  • 4 virtual processors
  • 160 GB SSD
  • 5 TB of transfer
  • Snapshots available


per month
  • 16 GB memory
  • 8 virtual processors
  • 320 GB SSD
  • 6 TB of transfer
  • Snapshots available

There's No Place Like Home

Our VPS network tranverses the globe. Put a server in the heart of your customer territories, utilize redundancy for holiday sales and flash events, and diversify your data network for optimal performance. Hosting from Grip Fast Information Services & Technology is global, resilient and expanding!

Want your own cloud?

If you want to control every nuanced aspect of your own virtual private server (VPS) in the world wide web we only suggest our friends over at Digital Ocean.

Get Started

Ready? Give us a call at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS now to get started! If you've already made an account and purchased hosting, we will contact you very shortly to discuss all of your project requirements, and a big thanks for choosing Grip Fast Information Services & Technology as your digital hosting provider!



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