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We are Legion!

Effective leaders at effective companies know the value of all their IT assets and all that those assets support, and recognize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You've heard the saying, "a fool and his money soon part ways"? The same is true of leaders who don't invest adequately in protecting their networks, except what's at stake is far more intangible and invaluable than money; it's trade secrets, brand loyalty, market share, public perception, class action lawsuits, etc. - Brian Krebs

Protect Your Nest

Cyber-security is a must in the 21st century. Entrepreneurs and their customers cannot avoid this great need as more and more data is pushed to the cloud. As Internet security guru Brian Krebs accurately describes above, network security experts are best when they are allowed to do what they do best; network security. You might be shocked just how vulnerable manufacturers have left your PC, router, cameras, and smart IOT devices primed and ready for the dark net's bad boys.

Leave Nothing to Chance by Default

Grip Fast Information Services & Technology' security philosophy is straightforward: harden, monitor and mitigate all resources 24/7. We [rightly] assume you will be attacked - and actively prepare for it.

1. Harden: Any resource that touches the web needs to be solidified into a hardened bunker; integrate high security from the ground up when applications are created, not after. That means providing rights to what needs to be accessed and denying everything else by default.

2. Monitor: Any resource that touches the web needs to be monitored in real time by security experts in addition to security software. This means eyes on the targets and boots on the ground with your data and your data systems.

3. Mitigate: Minimize data loss through quick action from across the open-source industry. Face it, the web (and your data) runs on open source technologies. The solutions for security come from the open source world; leverage tens of thousands of developers working together on critical issues. When losses present particular roadblocks Grip Fast Information Services & Technology has your back by initiating complete backup restores getting your business or project back to work in minutes and hours, not days and weeks!

Choose the Strongest

Grip Fast Information Services & Technology puts you and your projects from the onset into the most secure systems available; the Linux kernel! Safe by design and segmented to stop viruses, malware and hackers, the GNU Linux system is by default more secure than Windows and Apple systems which are closed sourced and privy only to those within their companies.

Physical Security

Grip Fast Information Services & Technology offers cost-effective and easy-to-maintain site security including CCTV and IP cameras, security dashboards and recording systems/storage that keep you and your business, home and projects safer and secure. Insurance programs often require such systems and many leases cannot be obtained without a detailed security plan. Check up on your property 24 hours a day with real-time alerts, motion zones and more from your desktop, tablet and smart phone when on-the-go. Ask us how!

Security, got'em!

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