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Displays & Kiosks

Let's face it; the robots are here to stay. And you should be employing them for simple and repetitative tasks. We create sign-in, print stations, map displays, dashboards and many other types of audio/visual interactives.

Displays are simply mini-computers (like a Raspberry Pi or possibly NUCs) running a small presentation suite that may include video and web elements. They show information but dont interact with a user. Kiosks on the other hand (pun intended) are simply device optimized web apps that provide information on human demand. We love creating both!

Task specific hardware for displays and kiosks from OEM and big-box stores often include extremely high mark-up but not from! The most important parts of a display are usually the aesthetics qualities - certainly not bloated proprietary operating systems. Projects of this nature will always require specific tailoring, so why start with some other company's restrictions? Closed-source systems wall you into the pay flow. Let Linux set you free! Do one thing, do it well and make it "just work."

Trade Secrets

Our most sophisticated displays have been shown yearly at various tradeshows and businesses across the United States since 2012 and have been used by thousands. Naturally these displays and booths contain time-critical and often sensitive information made for their exact event and mean little without context. Examples are provided only by request.

Contact Us

So. Pick. Up. That. Phone. Give us a ring at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS to get the info where it needs to be (i.e., customers!)




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