Our ideal partners

We love our clients and customers because we establish a long-term partnership. Here are some FAQs prospective clients often ask.

Value doing-it-right over do-it-yesterday

Grip Fast Information Services & Technology is proud to produce quality work on time and on budget, speaking to the quality of your company or project. That means proper research, development, A/B testing, optimization and launch with a review process that makes sense for the scope. Doing it right the first time will equate success and excellence. 🌟

Provide great service and do what is right

We want to provide the best results we can to you, our customer. Our hourly pricing is a tremendous value and our project quotes also reflect this belief. Clients should expect a job well done at a fair market price. ⚖️

Value our expertise

Your business wouldn't exist without your blood, sweat and tears. But no one can do "all the things." Let us be your web and IT tech Jedi. Our strengths equal wins when we work together, as one. 🖖


Consider long-term professional partnerships

We want to be an integral part of your business, not just a project manager. We service many short term projects but think of us as your dependable, go-to resource. We aim to be your IT department, not a quick-and-dirty-duct-tape fix. We work on many short-term projects but prefer to grow with you. 🌱


Be open to open-source

Many customers want a solution (as soon as yesterday) and often have never heard of the technologies we love and build on, Linux! In fact, most projects suffer because they utilize closed-sourced software when they could invest in other, superior solutions. Clients who see beyond the proprietary paradigm win and win big (just ask Canonical, Ford, Red Hat, Toyota, the US Navy and many others)! 🐧

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