Missing map overlay edit options in OSMand? Us too. Here's how to get live Google Maps traffic back into OSMand v3.8.3+!

One of our most popular articles OsmAnd + Google Traffic (Live) talks about how to use a custom configured map overlay that puts Google Maps' live traffic conditions over your offline map tiles. The official OSMand website (as of Oct 27, 2020) still shows this option as available but we tried to find it both with the F-Droid and the Aurora Store (Google Play) versions without success.

01.2 osmand no define

But fret not, there is still a way!

One thing that hasn't changed is the complexity of OSMand's UI design. To be perfectly honest it still confuses us at times but its a very feature-rich application so this is to be expected.

01 onlines maps on

As explained in our previous article, you still need to turn on online maps functions and for those of us still on low-end or limited cellular data plans, this means every time OSMand needs to update the traffic condition you'll get charged for those data requests.

We'll set our configuration to home back to Google Traffic only once every 5 minutes and use the offline maps as the routing source to minimize data expenses. You could raise interval to 10 minutes like our last tutorial did to save even more money (if on a long distance trip) then switch to an urban overlay with a 1 min interval for more dynamic driving conditions that construction areas can sometimes create. YMMV (hehe).

02 new map source

Configure Map > Map Source > New > name your map > enter the Google Traffic api url below:


Set interval level in minutes (how often the api is called and data is updated). See image above.

Save your overlay.

Change your overlay transparency setting for better clarity back in the overlay settings; note on dark mode the Google api will display some major POIs and neighborhood names but they are outlined with a gray padding of a few pixels. This is basically unreadable if driving at night.

04 change transparency
Default transparency is unreadable.
Here is an example of the results in our local metro area as well as from a wonderful place on the CA-405.

05 traffic results
Left: default transparency. Center/Right: Zero transparency and night mode.

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