Come on bro, stop nagging us! How to hide Regular Lab's Version Check notification in Joomla modules. Updated yet again...

Regular Lab's Advanced Module Manager is a great tool, both the free and pro versions. A client of ours was running an older version and we were asked to do some emergency work for them.

regular labs advanced module manager version check

As we churned through several dozen modules, it became quickly apparent that Regular Lab's automatic version check notifications in Joomla's Modules component was really getting in our way. It'll move the module list down as you try to work.

Hide with CSS

Go to your administrator folder and look for your Isis css template (or the admin template you are currently using) at this or similar location: /administrator/templates/isis/css.

#regularlabs_version_advancedmodulemanager { display: none !important;}

We noticed that the tag was inside a commonly called div named "j-main-container." This tag is used in several dozen files within Joomla. We needed to narrow it down to just the file where Regular Lab's Advanced Module Manager was using it to inject the version notification.

Older versions

Add the following to the top of the css file, replace/refresh it in your remote location and the flag will be gone!

#regularlabs_version_advancedmodulemanager, .rl_footer { display: none !important; }

We used the following command in the terminal (this server was Ubuntu 18.04 LTS): grep -rlw "j-main-container" /usr/share/nginx/html/.

We simply ignored everything in the shell search result that didn't have one of the phrases used by Regular Labs within the /administrator location. There was only a single match.

To hide the Version Check notification search around line 67 within the file default.php file located at /administrator/components/com_advancedmodules/views/modules/tmpl/.

The code you would modify is right under the main "j-main-container" id tag. Start immediately under the <?php tag and simply comment with // everything between Version check comment and the closing ?>.

It'll look something like this when you are done changing it:

< ?php
// HIDE Version check
// if ($this->config->show_update_notification)
// {
// echo RL_Version::getMessage('ADVANCED_MODULE_MANAGER');
// }

Joy, no more annoying upgrade prompt! You should keep in mind whenever you make core modifications like this, even within an extension, any future updates will remove your customizations. Normally an override would be required for long term/permament modification.

If you have an existing website that you want to bring into the 21st century we can help! We specialize in responsive-conversions and site modernization (not just new or complete rebuilds). Give us a call at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS now to get started, get mobile and start great things!


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