Part V of the ongoing series. To read the Part IV go here. Can a sim card provide mobile data? Depends. Here's how to check and get your mobile broadband connection up and running on Ubuntu!

The two most important items you need to check are 1) device network lock-in and 2) device network compatibility.


Verizon actively tracks and spies on it users, no thanks!

Our HP Envy Note is model 5000 according to the BIOS. This device was originally sold as the 5002 model which is directly tied to sales from Verizon and only applicable to their networks. We were pleased to find our version is unlocked and compatible with Ting Mobile, our current mobile provider. You can check your device on the Ting network here. You'll see something similiar to this:


Ting supports and

You'll find the Ubuntu documentation on how to set up your Mobile Broadband to be very lacking. We perused many a site and came up with little. After playing with Network Manager a few times and attempting to use the Ting Android APN guide we lucked out and got it working. Here are following screen shots to help you with your device or perhaps troubleshoot your own SIM card on Ubuntu.

Choose a connection type.

Select Next.

Select your country.

Select provider or enter it manually; the name is very important here!

APN name is required, again, vitally important. We found that on Ting's site here.

Confirm settings, select Apply.

*99# works here.

If you need help with your devices at your place of business or home we are here to help you! Just pick up that phone and press those us at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or text us today!

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