Part II of the ongoing series. To read the Part I go here. Initial installation requirements and initial positive results on the HP Envy Note 8. This is using kernel 4.15.0-34 generic.

Install Hardware Required:

There is a group of physical hardware you will need to complete the install on this and or similar devices that only have a micro-usb port available to you.

microusb to usb

Micro usb to full size usb 2.0
usb hub

Usb hub
micro usb splitter
Do not use

Linuxium: Running Ubuntu on Intel Bay Trail and Cherry Trail Devices

We installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with a rolling kernel option using Linuxium's which can be found here:

Pre-install checks and issues:

Installed ALL Windows 10 updates to native OS.
Tested the HP Stylus Pen with Windows 10 drivers.
Created a complete Windows 10 recovery usb.
Created and tested some programs and the stylus pen with live linuxium's script, image with Unetbootin.
Started live ubuntu install - but froze - after a week of live testing.
Porked the UEFI bootloader, "no OS installed," thanks Windows 10, you never cease to amaze us.
Reinstalled Windows 10 from recovery usb.
Re-ran another new ubuntu live usb, wiping Windows 10, installed Ubuntu Mate.

Working (the bare minimum):

Touch Display (high dpi and standard)
HP Pen Stylus
Digitizer with pressure sensitivity
Rotate Screen + Input Script download
SIM card on Ting (documentation pending)
External in-line Mic with Bluetooth earbuds
Keyboard input via micro-usb

Not working - yet (deal breakers):

GPS sensors (some programs only with SIM card)
Orientation sensors
Microphone (recognized, needs more testing)

Helpful things (to solve other problems):

Onboard keyboard
KDE Connect
smb NAS shares


😒 Seeing more random system freezes due to 2GB RAM.
😒 Gnome Maps includes Gnome3 idiotic window decoration.
😒 Brisk menu covers onboard keyboard.
😒 Onboard not present on screen saver/screen lock. Must "switch user" to regain access.
😒 Audible clicking after login while Sound auto mutes, aka the heliocopter noise bug.
😒 Wallpaper does not render correctly after rotate script, halving 50% of the screen for some programs in landscape.
😒 Brisk menu in portrait occasionally will only span 50% of display.

Software (tested):

Kodi: Youtube, Lazyman addons work.
Gimp: successfully resized a 4K image to native 1920x1200 resolution.
Most standard Mate software

This is of course our initial list and we haven't had much time to really give any of these major issues a real chance at troubleshooting. We are hopeful that this tablet really can replace our daily-use Android device!

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