Ran some patch updates? Here's how to remove the embarrassing HTML decimal   non-breaking space entity from Joomla! 3.8.8 Stable search results.

Find the offending   by searching for the character, counter-intuitively not within your default components search folder but in the administrator components search folder.

The specific command using grep in the command-line terminal is: grep -R ' ' /usr/share/nginx/html/administrator/components/com_search/

This will return some results one of which will be: /usr/share/nginx/html/administrator/components/com_search/helpers/search.php

Within this file, on or around line 313 you'll find several  ... in the PHP. We are not sure why the Joomla folks elected to use this version as opposed to using the traditional named tag of  .

To "fix", simply enter in a real space by using your space bar so it reads: return (($pos > 0) ? '... ' : '') . StringHelper::substr($text, $pos, $chunk_size) . ' ...';

You will now have normal search result titles without the decimal code just like before you ran the patch.

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