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One of our servers that hosts a generously active web site related to the construction industry has been running consistently without issue approaching 1.5 years (the time since we tore it away from a shared CentOS provider).

This is not to say the server has gone without routine security reviews or back-ups (that would be insane unless you like vendors like GoDaddy). Also, this particular host due to its high traffic load and 20+ year domain name/reservation is routinely attacked by scores of bots, spammers and is continually pounded by brute force attacks. Ubuntu combined with GFIST's security precautions and common sense just...keep...working. Like that pink rabbit.

Reliability per Merriam Webster is "the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials."

Reliability per StackOverflow's English Language & Usage explains "A person or thing is reliable when one can count on him or it not to fail in doing what he or it is expected to do competently" and "denotes the possession of such qualities as are needed for safe reliance."

The Linux Kernel and Ubuntu have been very reliable to our business and in our customers' businesses whether they realize it or not.

Wire reported in 2016 ala W3Techs that 66.9% of all web servers are running "UNIX" (yeah all Linux basically) whereas Windows usage is 33.2%. Within the former Ubuntu is utilized 38.9% or more than 3 out of 5 servers on the public web, followed by Debian at 30.7% and CentOS at 20.6% respectively.

It goes almost without saying that 97-100% of all super computers run Linux (and have for many years) as reported by Top500.org.

The top social websites in the world according to a report from Shareaholic dated in 2015 drove 31.24% of ALL internet traffic and each of them run Linux. That list includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and of course YouTube. It can be safely assumed this traffic has only increased since.

Further, ZDnet referred in 2015 that the now defunct W3Cook reported Alexa data that 96.3% of the top 1 MILLION web servers use Linux.

The world's mobile OS is dominated by the fork of Linux (Android) with 87.7% share in Q2017 per Statista, with Apple's unix/FreeBDS-like iOS with 12.1%.

Linux does many things but the best thing it does it run the public web and everything you do online (even Bing runs on Linux?). Even America's most advanced warships utilize Red Hat Linux.

This begs a question future GFIST customer: why are you still using (paying) for [proprietary] products and [spyware] tools on Windows? We're willing to bet that the average employee (or family member) can do 90% of their job on Linux. The other 10% can migrate or integrate to open-source solutions. Lets get that Linux Desktop market share up beyond 2.21% in 2018!

Seriously, why is your business still using legacy software? Zero-day flaws stem from ancient systems and breach data such as financials, medical records, customer lists, physical addresses, bank statements and on and on...

Let's get your family and your business into the 21st century! Our first consultation hour is free. Give us a call at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS now to get started!

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