Virtuemart, why do you hate us? Does it ever serve a purpose to show customers meaningless product ID numbers; no it doesn't. Here's how to remove them.

In this example we are working with Virtuemart Image Search plugin from on Joomla! 3.7.3 Stable.

You'll want to open up the virtuemartimagesearch.php file located in the /plugins/search folder after installation and jump down to approximately line 275 and look for something like:

$query = "SELECT DISTINCT CONCAT( a.product_name,' (',p.product_sku,')' ) AS title

We'll need to remove the ,' (',p.product_sku,')' ) from the CONCAT query so it reads:

SELECT DISTINCT CONCAT( a.product_name AS title, ...

Other search plugins follow a similar pattern though the default may be _id rather than _sku dependent upon publisher version and Joomla version.

Upon updating from Joomla 3.6.x we discovered that the sku's were appearing again in our live ajax results so we dug into the file located at /plugins/search/virtuemart/virtuemart.php. It follows a very similar pattern to the aforementioned and modified virtuemartimagesearch.php file. Line #182 included the p.product_sku concat and all it took was to remove it in the same pattern as above. The php should like this:

CONCAT( a.product_name ) AS title,

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