If you have gone through several upgrades of Ubuntu or changed your desktop environment (DE or Ubuntu flavor) you may have come across the the at-spi-registry.desktop error. Here's how to fix it.

If you search for this error's solution you will find that it is related to Accessibility options (namely Orca and the like) that aide in users who may be hard of hearing or hard of seeing.

You will find that its necessary to check your start up items to make sure that there isn't a at-spi entry there. In our case at home (on our personal machines outside of Grip Fast Information Systems & Technology) there weren't any such start up items.

The easiest fix is to run the following command (on Ubuntu MATE 16.04) in your terminal command line prompt:

STEP 1: gksu caja

STEP 2: Navigate to: /usr/lib/at-spi2-core

STEP 3: Right click the to access the properties of the at-spi2-registryd executable.

STEP 4: Under the Permissions tab, un-select the "Allow executing file as a program" check box.

STEP 5: Rename the at-spi2-registryd executable to something else (but keep the original name).

Change the permissions and rename the file.

Your machine will now shutdown much faster and you will no longer be prompted with the error (that annoyingly hangs the system from shutting down).

If you have an error that you'd like GFIST to take a look at (even if its on something as gross as iOS or Windows) we are happy to you help you! Just contact us or use the comments box below.

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