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Grip Fast Information Services & Technology provides practical, enterprise-grade libre IT solutions to those in need such as institutions, entrepreneurs, primary/secondary schools, universities, small and medium businesses, or individuals who require out-of-box or custom information technology (projects ranging from basic home security to websites, samba shares to amazing media centers). If you can dream it or need it and your project just needs to work, we are your one-stop shop!

What: we make websites and do IT stuff!

What we love to do

Our Business Model

Step 1: Hardware

We have expertise in testing the latest IS/IT and audio/visual market innovations and have tested them in real-word applications doing real work (that make our customers money or support them in doing so). Don't waste your time navigating countless websites and consumer reviews online; explain your issue and we have a solution!

Hardware + GNU/Linux =
💻 + 🐃 🐧 = 💵

Step 2: Libre Software

We are not in the business of [re]-selling you proprietary software like Microsoft, Apple or Google. We refuse to be enslaved to closed software, offer "freemium" bait-and-switch programs or advise you to use abhorrent privacy applications (that are really just covers for government spy programs). GFIST will always suggest mature, free-as-in-freedom [libre] software for your project. That means your website runs clean, fast code you control without fear from bad guys' malware.

pen Source + Liberty = Freedom 🗽


Grip Fast Information Services and Technology employees are passionate about liberty and freedom. We have hearts that of teachers; in other words we want to educate our clients not just profit from them. Its why we post solutions we come across on our blog (without paywalls or subscriptions). We want our customers to understand why a certain technology is better over another and how libre solutions contribute to a more open, freer society.

Spread the word

When you get home after working with us, you'll probably see a potential application for us to install or set-up. Give us a call, we're ready for any project big or small. Our advertising is done through you, our customers. Referring your professional associates, friends and family to us lets us keep overhead low, saving both our business and you, the customer time and money!


Grip Fast Information Services & Technology's main office is physically located in the central San Joaquin Valley of California, in the city of Fresno. But that's not all! We have server nodes and data centers in many major world cities that include San Jose, New York, Amsterdam, London and a few other places you'll have heard of.


We're able to host your project nearest your customers anywhere in the world. Our services are not limited to any particular physical location through the power of this little thing called "the cloud." We can also connect directly into your local PC, server or even your tablet or phone like we're in the room for those particularly troublesome times. If you must have us on site, we can schedule a face-to-face meeting for that personal touch.

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Now that you know what we're all about, lets get started on your project! Give us a call at (559) 242-6647, send us an email or send a SMS now to get started!

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